In 2001, Vicente Zanón, the Trendy Gate CEO, had an idea: to attend to the needs of Eastern European and Central Asian markets. He focused in particular on Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Hungary and the Baltic countries, and specialised in the supply of furniture, as well as in providing business consultancy services

Trendy Gate came into being as a result of Vicente’s original idea. Over the 16 years of its existence, the project has expanded to cover new markets in Asia and Francophone Africa.
Our mission is to bring companies and markets together, so as to see projects, dreams and carefully crafted ideas come to completion.
Over the years, we have broadened the range of services offered by Trendy Gate. We have included different professional profiles and new areas of expertise. Those developments make Trendy Gate a dynamic enterprise, active in the sectors of furniture, lighting, construction, and gourmet groceries.

En cada miembro de nuestro equipo está presente la misión de Trendy Gate.

Estos son los responsables del éxito de nuestros clientes.

Vicente Zanón
Vicente Zanón
CEO. General Director
Vicente is Tredy Gate’s chief executive, responsible for the management, commercial and financial activities. His success is based on 33 years of experience in the furniture sector and on a constant strive for excellence.
María J. Murcia
Associate Partner
María is a sales agent with 23 years of experience in the sector. She is charge of the markets in Asia and in the Baltic countries.
Olga Brett
Associate Partner
Olga is our sales representative. She focuses on providing excellent service to our clients from Ukraine, Belarus and the Volga Region.
Tatiana Gorenkova
Sales Operations Manager
Tatiana has 12 years of experience in the furniture sector. She is in charge of the commercial and administrative management activities, and manages our projects in Russia and Saudi Arabia.
Ivan Tulsky
Trendy Gate Representative, Moscow
Ivan is the Trendy Gate representative in Moscow. His work focuses on our clients in that region.
Vladislav Kuznetsov
Trendy Gate Representative, East Siberia
Our representative for East Siberia, Vladislav, has extensive experience in the furniture sector.
Sergio Lleo
Financial Manager
The financial department of Trendy Gate is managed by Sergio, who combines the accountancy duties with expertise in tax and labour issues.

Those are some of the countries in which we undertake our commercial activities.

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